Welcome to How May I Serve You: A Revelation In Education.

It is my intention to continue to share educational content, thoughts, teaching experiences, life experiences and writing passages with one another through this site. How May I Serve You, A Revelation in Education is a book I have been writing for the past two years. An excerpt from the manuscript is posted on the website under “The Book”. I am hopeful that a completed story will be in our hands in the next few months!

I am eager for you to share your writing thoughts and ideas on this interactive web site as I desire this site  to be a learning and teaching tool for all of us. It is under construction and there will be new content added much of the time. Please share with those that you feel would enjoy, benefit or use this space for reflection reading and learning.

Thank you so much.


Marian University is creating opportunities at every corner to make positive changes within the schools around Indiana. Dr Hill is an innovative and creative visionary who listens to both his head and heart. Please enjoy the following links as we move to greater school and teacher performances

IDOE Selects Partner for Turnaround Leadership Academy – Indiana Department of Education Press Release
State Selects Marian to Train Turnaround Leaders – Indianapolis Business Journal, July 14, 2010