unwritten-bookUnwritten, The Story of a Living System

Unwritten, The Story of a Living System: A Pathway to Enlivening and Transforming Education

by: Lori L. Desautels, Ph.D. and Michael McKnight, M.A.

There’s never been a more chaotic and tenuous time in our nation’s educational story. Learning is the most natural thing human beings do. Yet, it seems the “harder” we work in schools helping our students to acquire the learning they need, the academic performances stay stagnant or lessen. Schools are not machines. Schools are a network of human beings who feel, think, behave, and function within a human system that is alive and never static. Schools are living systems! This system is wired to thrive, even through difficult times

— We believe that we can begin to create wholeness and connection within our schools mindfully and by design. We can create places where all children thrive.

Published by Wyatt-MacKenzie

howmayiserveyou_cover-artHow May I Serve You? Revelations in Education

by Lori Desautels, Ph.D.

BUY BOOK Is there a career, social scenario, skill, or relationship that education does not impact? Education touches all our lives. When we ignore the implications schools affect in our daily existence, we narrow the possibilities, ignore the limitations, the creative and sometimes negative thoughts and feelings we subconsciously contribute inside our students’ and children’s lives.

Who was your favorite teacher? What did he say to you? What look on her face do you remember?  These remembrances are how we begin to revert back to the basics in education. It is not reading, writing, and math skills drilled into our heads. We remember the emotional connections, the relationships or lack thereof from those individuals who served us well or those who did not acknowledge who we really were and are. When did we begin to take the soul, our inner voice, out of education, our businesses and relationships? Isn’t education the hub of all professions, skilled labors, global businesses, economics, mental, emotional, political and medicinal health relationships and practices?

This book is about five words that can create a tsunami of positive emotion, and therefore genuinely affect the relationships between educators, parents, colleagues and students. How may I serve you, can be stated in a variety of ways, igniting an open response from the one who is struggling.  What do you need? How can I help you? What would be best for you?  Dialogues begin, hearts open, and deep listening starts to unravel misunderstandings of angry, bored, and frustrated individuals trying to cope in schools and in life!  This book is an experiment, an expansion of perspective because when we genuinely ask what another needs, we are showered with understanding, a novel view of tenuous situation and abundance in relationship and self-esteem we never realized we needed and desired.

Publisher: Park East Press
New York, NY

The Heart and Brain of the Matter Keynote: ISTA Early Educators Conference. Part 1.
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“This book is a refreshing look at our philosophy of education and a reminder of what is most important in teaching."

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