Revelations in Education is an educational resource for teachers, counselors, parents, administrators and anyone who sits beside children and adolescents. I have created this site with practical strategies, articles, and videos that will enhance the social emotional and cognitive development of all students in all school environments.

For the past two years, Marian University has given me a course release so that I could return to the K-12 public schools co-teaching in ten fifth and seventh grade classrooms within four public schools in Washington Township in Indianapolis. These past two years have taught me more than I could ever share through an introduction!

I have taken the research based educational neuroscience strategies and implemented these into instruction and relationships, teaching the students and educators about their neurobiology and genius potential! Attachment is the carrier of all development and when teachers and parents understand what is happening in the brains our youth relationships are built and enhanced and learning occurs with enthusiasm and curiosity! In this website , you will see a description of the work we are doing with schools, educators and students in teaching them about their own incredibly powerful neuroplasticity and how stress negatively affects learning!